Free Introductory Talks

We offer to Organisations / Communities in need of free Wellbeing Introductory talks on Wellbeing. Typically our talks will be 30 minutes and in special cases we will provide 60 minute talks.

What does your community / organisation need? Is it becoming aware of specific Wellbeing aspects?

For Staff and management we have expertise in subjects like stress management, energy management, mindfulness, concentration, self-worth and managing habits (creating productive and transforming negative habits). We talk about the 4 basic aspects of wellbeing – mind, physical, emotional and spiritual.

For Organisations we have expertise with Organizational Culture, programs to enrich organization workforce engagement and productivity thus helping the Organization meet targets. We also have programs to improve retention rates, innovation and problem solving.

For communities we offer a number of programs to foster unity, co-operation, purpose, leadership and belonging.

We are happy to work with you and provide a talk that will meet your Wellbeing needs. Contact us now and tee up a suitable time.

Note: We are interested in helping organizations and people and it needs to be shown that it is for a worthwhile purpose and within 15Kms of Melbourne CBD.

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