During this hot session, lots of people get dehydrated and suffer symptoms of headaches and fatigue. Mostly due to not drinking enough water for the body’s functional needs. Ideally, it is recommended that we drink 1 litre to every 22 kgs of body weight.

If drinking plain water is too boring, ‘spice’ it up with some fresh lemon juice and a squirt of my favourite Agave or maple syrup. The yummy taste will invite you to drink more and not have to worry about extra calories either.

Why lemon and not orange juice?

Lemon juice has this amazing property of alkalizing the body that other citrus fruits have not and also many other beneficial properties

  1. Drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning helps to maintain the pH balance of the body and water keep the body hydrated as it provides electrolytes to the
  2. Drinking lemon juice with warm water throughout the day helps with weight loss as it promotes digestion and increases the metabolic rate.
  3. Helps fight infections with its powerful antibacterial properties
  4. Acts as a detoxifying agent.
  5. Helps with maintaining digestive health
  6. Regulate natural bowel movement
  7. Has vitamin rich and also a source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium
  8. Helps fight common cold
  9. Helps with many kinds of skin problems ranging from acne, rashes and wrinkles to dark spots
  10. Very effective at cleansing the liver as it promotes the liver to flush out toxins
  11. Anti-inflammatory properties help in fighting respiratory tract infections and tonsillitis
  12. Reduce joint and muscle pain
  13. Prevents gingivitis


How fantastic is our water supply?

If you have not been concerned about the added fluoride and chloride into our drinking water and shower, you should be, as we are literally slowly being poisoned. Do some research and read up on it. It will inspire you to invest in an efficient good quality water filter for drinking/cooking and showering. If you would like some guidance send us a query via our form on our website.

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