St Andrews Beach Health Retreat

Unifying Quantum Physics and Spirituality
Blissfully Being your True -Self

An invitation to our:

We invite you to join our awesome  April 7days/6nights

Detox, Heal and Rebalance retreat

At a luxurious venue The Healing Sanctuary, St Andrews Beach VIC

With an exclusive intimate group of only 4 like-minded participants.

Come and experience a full immersion in total self- care, explore and heal yourself from inside out.

Through your new perspective the world will look different.

Are you exhausted from constantly giving to others?

Have you managed to give and care for yourself as well?

Our unique retreat will help you dive into all 4 aspects of your wellbeing, restore and re-balance from inside out.

When you realize that your true self is worth discovering, you will experience your life taking on a new meaning of joy and wonder.

Manage your day to day life with simple new skills, with more peace and clarity.

Live life fully in a happier healthier way.

Over the years, I noticed that people rave about how their car gets serviced once and some twice a year. Yet the body is expected to  keep going without proper scheduled maintenance.

Here is an opportunity to participate in your most important journey of self-care, renew and enhance your health and wellbeing from inside out.

We designed this to support your transformation in fun, gentle and nurturing ways.

This Autumn program includes many fun activities to assist with Detox, Heal and Rejuvenate on all 4 aspects of wellbeing.

*  Detox  C.A.B.A.L.A juice and raw foods

*  6 nights Beautiful accommodation

* 13 yoga sessions

* 18 Mindfulness meditations and walks

*  3 Healing sessions

*  Fasting and silent reflection time

*  6 self-mastery workshops

*  3 entries to Peninsula Hot Springs

BOOK NOW and be 1 of the only 4 participants.

A $500 deposit will secure your place.

Earlybird balance by 7th MAR.

The Retreat Itinerary will be customised to the specific focus of each retreat

The Features of the Health Retreat are: –

  1. Our Facilitators
  2. Our Workshops
  3. Our Practice Sessions
  4. Our Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  5. Hot Springs Relax & Reflection


Sharada Rumi – Meditation Master, ThetaHealing Master, HeartMath Coach / Trainer, MBSR trainer (Mindfulness), Emotional Freedom Tapping Facilitator (EFT) and Virtues Language Facilitator

Tony Neale – NLP Master, Mindfulness Instructor, and Virtues Language Facilitator Venue: St Andrews Beach One hour drive from RYE on the Mornington Peninsula

St Andrews Beach Booking Form

  • ** PLEASE NOTE: FULL PAYMENT required for 3 and 4 day retreats
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    Acc Name: Sharada Rumi
    BSB: 733 058
    Acc Number: 619226
    REF: Your name plus retreat month (eg A Jones Oct)

    Important! Email a copy of the receipt to confirm your place


    Please call to arrange payment by credit card. Sharada +61 412 19 0909 or Tony +61 407 06 4844


    Please call to arrange payment plans Sharada +61 412 19 0909 or Tony +61 407 06 4844

  • If you have any additional information or questions, add them here. (eg. special dietary requirements, additional information about your payment etc)

St Andrews Beach is located in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia