When meditation is mentioned often one can feel apprehensive and think this is a most difficult thing to do? In reality it is very simple according to studies done by Dr Herbert Benson – founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston and expert in stress management. His research concluded after studying a large number of religions, civilisations and people the common process broken down was simply: –

1. Keeping a single focused thought in your mind
2. Repetition of that single focused thought

If and when the mind became distracted then gently and with determination restart Step 1 and keep repeating it for a period of time.

For beginners start with 5 minutes and build to 20 minutes and then to one hour. Dr Benson’s study revealed that following these two simple steps there were many health benefits including: –

1. Rejuvenated immune system
2. Lower blood pressure
3. Balanced metabolism
4. Reduction of stress
5. Clear mind