Sharada Rumi

Health Coach / Practitioner

I am of Thai origin from a tiny remote village in northern Malaysia, now residing in Melbourne, Australia.

My spiritual journey into meditation begun at the age of 13. Surrounded and trained by ancient wisdom that was beyond modern comprehension, daily miraculous phenomena were accepted as a norm. My great grandfather who chopped down huge trees and dragged them home without mechanical help and who looked 30 at the age of 70 when he died.

My passion is the lifelong quest for tools to reclaim an ancient power that maintains youthful bodies, opens the heart, stills the mind, heals on the deepest level and integrates the physical and spiritual self.

My certifications and expertise include: –

  • Registered Nurse: Works part-time as a professional Nurse serving the Community at nearby hospitals.
  • ThetaHealing® Master Trainer / Practitioner: With over 13 years of practitioner experience and now a certified Master in this discipline. I run ThetaHealing® workshops regularly.
  • Russian New Knowledge (RNK) Practitioner: This discipline deals with cell regeneration. RNK opens another aspect of healing and understanding that this body is made of energy that is eternal.
  • Certification 4 Training & Assessment: This certification enhances my capabilities to present workshops to organizations.
  • Virtues Language Facilitator: I am also a Virtues Language Facilitator. This is a skill set that focuses on building relationships and enhancing self-confidence.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Facilitator: World recognised intervention for modern-day stress-related issues.


Sharada offers a variety of wellbeing services.