Our busy lives constantly draw our attention outwards and distract us from looking within.

In order to maintain a balanced state we must first notice what is happening within and take appropriate actions.  As part of the wellness programs in all of our Wellbeing Health Retreats we introduce the 7 principles of health to de-stress and restore inner balance.

The 7 Principles of health to embrace daily

  1. Breathe deeply and mindfully
  2. Drink clean fluoride and chlorine free filtered water
  3. Go out and enjoy the sunshine with as much skin exposed to sunlight
  4. Exercise at least 30-45 minutes: walk in nature, yoga, the *5 Tibetan rites
  5. Focus on your passion: do one thing that you are passionate about
  6. Eat fresh wholefoods
  7. Make time to nurture your relationships

* My favourite energetic cleansing process is a series of yoga practices commonly known as the Five Tibetan rites. They can be performed everyday for general health and wellbeing.

These are yoga practices that help to cleanse the energetic centres (chakras) of the body. The sequence first activates and cleanses the top two energy centres and moves down the body until the fifth exercise activates the second and base chakras. Interestingly, each of the chakras, according to yoga, are aligned with endocrine or hormone-secreting glands. By bringing energy and movement to these areas, the body may well receive great healing and rejuvenating effects.

The experience from practising these exercises regularly varies with each individual; however, in general, people feel increased vitality and clearer after performing them. Begin by practising each exercise three times. Increase the number of repetitions slowly, to match your strength and fitness. Gradually build up the number of repetitions of the five exercises until the maximum number of 21

The ‘Tibetan Five’ were initially published by Englishman, Peter Kelder, who had recorded the discoveries of his colleague, the ‘Colonel’, who lived with Tibetan lamas in the Himalayas. In Tibet, ‘The Five Rites of Rejuvenation’ details how Colonel had learned and adopted their way of life, and had reportedly reversed the aging process in doing so. To Kelder, the Colonel appeared as a man of 25 years younger than he actually was. Traditional Tibetan life included specific dietary and lifestyle habits, as well as the regular practice of these exercises.

Our retreat programs teach and apply the 7 principles of health and healing on our 4 aspects of health ie; emotional, mental, spiritual and physical to restore inner balance.

These are some practices used to minimize stress and re-balance the 4 aspects of health

  • Mental [meditation, mindfulness and being fully present]
  • Emotional [ firstly understand and accept that ALL energy in motion will pass]
  • Spiritual [meditation, reflection]
  • Physical [ apply the 7 principles of health]
  • Specific wholefoods for different organs eg. Broccoli for lung issues
  • Fasting, cleansing and rejuvenation
  • Special teas and herbs
  • Essential oils

Remember that our bodies are smart and they send us gentle messages when things are out of balance and the physical disease symptoms are the bodies’ way of guiding us towards the root cause of the initial energetic imbalance.

Take care and keep well.