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Information on our St Andrews Beach Wellbeing Health Retreats. 

Health Retreats
Stop and Renew Yourself Retreat

Are you over-worked with symptoms of stress, feeling tired, frustrated, overwhelmed or depressed?

Are you a full time carer needing respite?

Simply come and Relax, Renew your Body, Mind and Spirit with gentle stretches, Meditation, Peninsula Hot Springs, Nurturing space, Healthy meals.

Learn new easy tools and techniques to help restore your innate personal strength, inner balance, peace and clarity.

At the same time relax and recharge:

  • Healthy Vegetarian Meals
  • Easy Meditation, Heart-Mind coherence training, yoga stretches and Mindfulness exercises
  • Breathtaking views of the Ocean
  • Self Mastery Workshops
  • Beautiful accommodation
  • Peninsula Hot Springs bathing (Sun morning)

Venue: St Andrews Beach. It is on the ocean side of Rye, just over 1 hr from Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula.

Rhythm Retreats

Rhythm Retreat includes all four health aspects: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Image Above: Bio-well Assessment


Image Above: Emotions directly affect the heart-mind coherence
HeartMath EmWave Pro Assessment/Feedback session

Trasform weight loss drudgery into creative healthy weight

No more dieting – Weight Loss in a new fun and easy way

Image Above: Rhythm To Healthy Weight

Over the years I observed a repeated trend; skimpy starvation diets, lots of time-consuming exercises, lose a few kilos then reach a hard to shift plateau. Just a few off track moments, indulging old habits and more kilos gained then lost.

Neuro – science, mind power and fun

Did you know that 95% of our responses to life are unconscious habits, while only 5% is the creative conscious response? Proven research showed that it is possible to anchor exercise to music so that the body reaps the benefits every time that piece of music is heard.The invisible saboteur

Have you noticed that as soon as you think of dieting you feel hungrier, even though the focus is losing weight? Dieting kicks in the survival fear, the subconscious sends alert messages, looks for ways to protect the body from starvation, hangs on to access weight and finds the lost weight again.  A conscious focus on weight loss will always trigger a powerful unconscious search for lost weight, resulting more easily in weight gain. We focus on, the wellbeing of the whole person, coherence of mind, body and spirit.

ThetaHealing®  ThetaHealing® immediately converts new conscious programs relating to healthy weight into subconscious beliefs. When there is no inner conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind, successful teamwork begins.

Access weight drops off, healthy weight is restored and maintained with ease and grace.

Why is our Rhythm to Perfect Weight Retreat Unique? 
It is mindfulness based to strengthen resolve and make every bit of personal effort count towards achieving long term balanced healthy life, coherent heart, mind and spirit.

This program has been designed to achieve long term results with ease and grace.  It has proven scientific research within all the elements incorporated in these 7 days of focused attention to change for a healthier life.

How does this stop the weight loss - weight gain cycle of frustration? 
The reasons behind current eating habits, thought patterns, painful emotions, chemical imbalances and  stressful environment that contributed towards excess weight, will be looked at, reflected upon and manageable solutions discussed and applied .

When you return to your own environment after 7 days with awareness and confidence, making informed choices to enhance and maintain your wellbeing will be easier.                        

Support is available on an ongoing basis for 12 months post Rhythm to Perfect Health Retreat. 

A NEW YOU in 7 days
The NEW YOU would have experienced:

  • skills of self-mastery
  • a shift in self image/ self-esteem
  • cultivation of new thinking and eating habits
  • relaxation and stress reduction
  • opportunities to heal past traumas with Thetahealing and NLP
  • reconnection with your true self beyond thoughts and feelings
  • rediscover the subtle communication by the body
  • development of a balanced peaceful mind with meditation
  • light  nutritious vegetarian meals
  • a special music entrained in the mind to trigger exercise response in the body WOW
  • mindful healthy balanced living

A Pre-requisite 
The most important one is the desire for change, a deep awareness within, that staying the same or repeatedly moving towards the same guaranteed poor outcome is not conducive to a sense of wellbeing, happiness and acceptance of a healthy self.

Are the body signals noticeable, loud enough when it is  out of balance?

  1. That awareness gives an opportunity for change to occur, to have improved health, confidence, self-esteem and healthy weight.
  2. That awareness gives the impetus to take the 1st step towards change for the better
  3. That awareness highlights the reality of an unsatisfactory situation
  4. That awareness inspires the search for lasting beneficial change

How your childhood created your eating habits 
Are you part of the 99% of the population brought up in modern times?

  • Time based feeding of babies
  • Diligently forcing babies to feed for 20 minutes or finish suggested formulas
  • Forcing children to eat at specific times and finish all food placed on the plate
  • Dessert rewards after a big full meal
  • Pacified with sweets when hurt or upset
  • Told to wait when hungry until proper meal times

ALL of the above disconnected people from the body’s signals since childhood. The above ways trained people NOT to listen to the body’s natural rhythm of feeling hungry or full and NOT to appropriately deal with emotional pain. Food became an unnatural “FIX me up”, a habitual putting something into the mouth, without mindfulness, without the real purpose to nourish the body and keep healthy.

Provide the nurturing space, leading edge training and opportunities to unravel old destructive habits /limiting thought patterns and cultivate beneficial new habits, gain self-mastery and practice new ways of being.

  • Develop equanimity and clarity of mind,
  • Entrain the mind with special virtual exercise music
  • Restore sensitivity to messages from the body
  • Cultivate beneficial habits to reduce stress
  • Show how to prepare easy healthy meals
  • Practice of mindfulness to respond instead of react to life experiences
  • Offer practical tips on shopping and stocking your abundant pantry

We invite you to BEGIN NOW from where you are at.

Acknowledging your effort, your 1st step towards A HEALTHIER HAPPIER YOU.


Sharada Rumi  – Mediatation Master, ThetaHealing Master, UCL, Yoga & Tai Chi teacher, and Virtues Language Facilitator

Tony Neale      – NLP Master, ThetaHealing Teacher, and Virtues Language Facilitator

Contact us NOW to book – note this is a 7 day Retreat package.

Meditation Retreats

Revel in the beauty of your true Self

Restore your connection with your spiritual self. Awaken your dormant spiritual energy. Be still & revel in the magnificence of your open heart, your true self, your spirit in a human body.

Why does our unique Mindful Meditation work so well?

Because we teach a meditation process that invokes the grace of the soul initiating the reconnection to the divinity within thus restoring the balance and the coherence of the mind, heart and spirit. The art of remaining connected to the peace , the joy, and the exquisite ever flowing love in this modern world is often forgotten because of the many distractions and demands of life. Our meditation reconnects the divine spark within and the true self that is eternal and beyond the thoughts and feelings. Our unique mindful meditation includes:-

  • Initating your dormant spiritual energy
  • Training your brain to reach the Theta state instantly
  • Balancing your chakras
  • Activating your pineal gland

Benefits of Mindful Meditation

The beneficial effects of Meditation is the Mindfulness practice of greater self-balance, choice and participation in life. We become more aware of our own sensations, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. This teaches us to RESPOND constructively using Detachment, Poise and Discernment rather than to REACT using our old habitual patterns that are often less constructive. The practice of a mindful constructive RESPONSE increases our ability to have better outcomes in all areas of our life. There had been over 20 years of published research that indicated: the majority of people who practiced mindful meditations experience many positive outcomes.:

  • Lasting reduction of physical and psychological symptoms
  • Increased ability to Relax
  • Greater ability to make positive, purposeful and timely decisions
  • Decreased pain levels and Enhanced Resilience to pain
  • Greater Zest and Vibrancy to life
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Effective self-mastery of stressful situations
  • Increased awareness to your inner self and divinity

For more information and research findings from the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Medical school into Meditation and Mindfulness.

Beautiful Serene and Mindful Meditation Experience

We offer additional benefits of: –

  • Beautiful and serene accommodation
  • Healthy vegetarian meals
  • Self-mastery workshops, yoga stretches, mindful beach walks
  • Cultivation of Heart-mind coherence
  • Silent reflections at the Peninsula Hot Springs cave
  • Master facilitators with over 40 years experience in Meditation and other disciplines

We know that this will be a wonderful experience as our previous clients have attested.

Get your health and happiness back on track. Learn simple strategies and techniques to nourish your body, mind & spirit.

Venue: St Andrews Beach. 1 hour from Melbourne, ocean side of Rye near the Peninsula Hot Springs.

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The Retreat Itinerary will be customised to the specific focus of each retreat 

The Features of the Health Retreat are: –

1. Our Facilitators

2. Our Workshops

3. Our Practice Sessions

4. Our Yoga & Meditation Sessions

5. Hot Springs Relax & Reflection



Sharada Rumi – Meditation Master, ThetaHealing Master, HeartMath Coach / Trainer, MBSR trainer (Mindfulness), Emotional Freedom Tapping Facilitator (EFT) and Virtues Language Facilitator

Tony Neale – NLP Master, Mindfulness Instructor, and Virtues Language Facilitator Venue: St Andrews Beach One hour drive from RYE on the Mornington Peninsula

Wellbeing Health Retreats, St Andrews Beach, Victoria, Australia

St Andrews Beach is located in the Mornington Peninsular, Victoria, Australia.