Are you feeling stressed? Overworked? Or just flat and uninspired?
If you want to rid yourself of all the negativity and rediscover your life’s balance…
A health retreat is exactly what you’re looking for.

What is a health retreat?

Our health retreats combine the calming benefits of a meditation retreat, with the physical balancing that yoga retreats can bring.

This is what our health retreats are…

A holistic approach to rejuvenating your health.

You’ll spend several days in one of our venues, and completely unplug from the struggles of your daily lives.

While with us, you’ll focus on realigning the 4 aspects of your health. Working together with like-minded individuals, you’ll:

  • Calm your mind through yoga techniques that are specifically designed to relieve your stress points
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing through EFT and HeartMath practices
  • Learn to thrive spiritually as you rediscover your ‘why’ and reconnect with who you truly are
  • Ground yourself and find your physical balance through re-adjusting your body with body loosening yoga while surrounding yourself with nature

Why choose us?

We provide the best health retreats in Melbourne (and the rest of Victoria), not only because of the experience we give our clients at our retreats — but because of what they are able to get out of it and take with them wherever they go.

You’re not getting just a quick get-away.

You’re getting a life-changing experience that’ll equip you with the techniques you need to improve your well-being wherever life takes you.

As a one-stop location for all your health needs, we also offer health coaching and holistic wellness coaching services.

Surrounding yourself with other motivated individuals looking to transform their lives, and by tapping into our extensive knowledge and experience — You’re sure to transform your life for the better.

We cater for:


  • Wellbeing strategies, tools and techniques to de-stress and restore your inner balance
  • Take home a variety of simple skills to enhance your life from our unique self-mastery programs
  • 1-on-1 time to develop plans to support your wellbeing needs
  • On-going programs to continue supporting your self-care health journey.


  • Promote a harmonious, productive and innovative workforce
  • Build customised culture programs to maximise profitability through engaged and motivated staff and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism which cost organisations over $34 Billion in Australia p.a.
  • Customise retreats and workshops to suit your needs
  • Come to you with experienced management coaching and mentoring
  • On-going programs to support yourorganisation

Not sure if this is right for you?

What issues can health retreats solve?

Are you living a happy, healthy, balanced life?

If you answered YES, our unique Wellbeing Health Retreats will enhance your life even more.

If NO, our unique Wellbeing Health Retreats will relax and restore your inner balance and support your journey back to wholeness.

Whether you’re going through an emotionally challenging period of your life, struggling to find a way to balance your hectic schedule, or even just looking for a way to relax…

At Wellbeing Health Retreats we can help you with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Here are some common reasons clients seek out our health retreats:

Stress relief. Perhaps work is getting too overwhelming, or family issues keep popping up. While originally searching for a stress relief coach, they’ve found our coaching to be

Diet & exercise habits. While you may appear to be in good health, your diet and exercise might be completely out of whack and this can harm your health

Trouble sleeping. If you don’t want to become dependent on sleeping pills, finding the real cause of your sleeping troubles is something our coaches can help you with

Negative habits/lifestyle. Once you start developing bad habits and let your lifestyle slip, it’s difficult to recover from. But with our guidance, we can put you back on track.

How to book your retreat

#1. Choose a retreat package that’s right for you

#2. Fill in your booking form with your contact details

#3. We’ll get in touch with you and provide you with any additional information

#4. Enjoy your health retreat and come back feeling refreshed, reconnected, and re-aligned



Wellbeing Health Retreats Accommodation
Wellbeing Health Retreats Relaxing Bedrooms
St Andrews Beach Wellbeing Health Retreat Accommodation ocean side.
Wellbeing Health Retreats bathroom with views
Side view of Wellbeing health retreats Accommodation
St Andrews Beach Wellbeing Health Retreats bedroom
Wellbeing Health Retreats Bathroom
Wellbeing Health Retreats fresh and sunny bedrooms
Wellbeing Health Retreats bedroom with four post bed
Wellbeing Health Retreats Ocean View
St Andrews Beach Wellbeing Health Retreats lounge area.
St Andrews Beach Wellbeing Health Retreats dining room

St Andrews Beach

Wellbeing Health Retreats Relaxing Beach Walk
Wellbeing Health Retreats Relaxing Beach Walk
St Andrew Beach, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
St Andrews Beach Wellbeing Health Retreat Nature Walk
Wellbeing Health Retreats Relaxing Beach Walk
Sun over the water at St Andrew Beach, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

Retreat Activities

Wellbeing Health Retreats Meditation.
Tai Chi Classes for all levels.
Meditation is good for the heart, mind and spirit.
Tai Chi gentle exercises.
Wellbeing Health Retreats. St Andrew Beach. Evening Meditation.
Healthy and tasty food that is good for the body and mind.
Wellbeing Health Retreats. Excellent food, awesome company.
Peninsula Hot Springs.
Wellbeing Health Retreats. St Andrew Beach. Sit, chat and relax.
Group Meditation Classes.
Wellbeing Health Retreats surrounded by nature.
Sit - relax - learn with Tony.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a health retreat like?

During your retreat, you’ll be surrounded with nature to help you ground yourself and disconnect from all the stresses in your life. You’ll spend your days relaxing your mind and body. While also learning strategies to take with you wherever you go.

To describe it shortly…

It’s like taking a step back from life to recharge. After you’re all charged up, you have the power to jump right back in. But this time, with the right tools to help you manage your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

What’s included in a health retreat?

Depending on the package you choose and the location you opt for, inclusions may vary.

In general, our health retreats include access to our health coaches, workshops, practice sessions, yoga and meditation classes, and activities at our facility.