Personal Health Coaching

What health issue is needing assistance?

Is it stress related or other? Our specialty is in two areas

  1. Assisting healing using our products and services
  2. Assisting to create the mindset and habits to serve your future wellbeing goals and needs

Why is our Healing unique?

We use leading-edge devices and techniques to identify the real cause of the issue and then we apply the appropriate measures to ensure success. Our clients achieve on average a consistent 80% improvement over a series of consultations.

Our healing includes stress-related illnesses and conditions which are the most common client requirements. We also cater for clients with anxiety, depression, grief, dementia, Parkinson’s, brain injury related trauma, poor memory, diabetes, non-serving habits, and eating disorders. 

Our consultancy / coaching with productive mindset and nurturing serving habits is our expertise and we have assisted many clients to raise their bar of excellence and achieve great wellbeing outcomes.

What our clients are saying. 

After experiencing a traumatic event in my life, I was left both physically and mentally drained. Not knowing how to move forward or bring some balance back into my life, I went looking for some guidance to help with the process. Luckily I came across Wellbeing. With Sharada’s help, I am now able to live my life again. 


Appointment with Sharada Rumi

Appointment with Tony Neale




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