Fasting was another significant topic discussed when group of us attended Tyler Tolman’s Longevity Australian Tour on Saturday 15th September 2018. Have you felt unwell and had no appetite? The way our culture deals with this no appetite is; almost force feeding saying ‘you must eat to get energy and get better’. Look at it from the body’s angle: the body diverts most of the energy to the immune system to fight the bugs and turns off the appetite.

We have been trained to override our body’s gentle messages
and disconnect from our body’s intelligence. The result is we remain unwell for a longer period, as our ignorant actions are in the way of the body’s natural capacity to heal itself

Here is a snippet of knowledge to reflect on, for a healthier way of living. Reconnect with the body’s intelligence and gentle messages and be proactive in getting fresh nutritious whole foods instead of relying on supplements. When unwell and no appetite….. FAST, drink fluids to flush the toxins out and rest to conserve energy for the body to heal itself efficiently.