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7 Principles of Health

Our busy lives constantly draw our attention outwards and distract us from looking within.In order to maintain a balanced state we must first notice what is happening within and take appropriate actions.  As part of the wellness programs in all of our...

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The Wise Water

During this hot session, lots of people get dehydrated and suffer symptoms of headaches and fatigue. Mostly due to not drinking enough water for the body’s functional needs. Ideally, it is recommended that we drink 1 litre to every 22 kgs of body...

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Fasting to Wellness

Fasting was another significant topic discussed when group of us attended Tyler Tolman’s Longevity Australian Tour on Saturday 15th September 2018. Have you felt unwell and had no appetite? The way our culture deals with this no appetite is; almost force feeding...

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Organic Food Wellness

A group of us attended Tyler Tolman’s Longevity Australian Tour on Saturday 15th September 2018. He emphasized the importance of Fasting and balanced wholefoods nutrition. As our common sense tells us that fresh natural food is still better for us even...

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