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Wellbeing Health Core Values (Virtues)

The Key Core Values we believe, stand for and demonstrate are:

  1. Health & Wellbeing is our prime value. It is to deliver the highest quality wellbeing service.We lead by example by show-casing how we live by the principles we teach.
  2. Virtues is a very high value and we stand for openness, trustworthiness, integrity, fairness, excellence, service, peacefulness, love, compassion, mindfulness and thankfulness. With all the relationships of the staff, clients, suppliers and vendors we are congruent with all these virtues. We demonstrate that the practice of the Virtues is the key to build high self-esteem and build trustworthy relationships
  3. Prosperity is a very high value that the Wellbeing Health Retreat expands to service more clients and provide the means to provide a foundation for leading edge research, and replicable viable Retreats.
  4. Knowledge is important value so that we continue to refine and provide the best Health Retreat formats and services
  5. Growth is important so the business as well as knowledge continues to expand so everybody benefits
  6. Success is important so the business is always viable to provide great services to clients with a healthy return of investment
  7. Purpose is important so the business stays focused on the Vision and Mission of the Wellbeing Health Retreats
  8. The 3 Wins principle is important to us and the 3 Wins principle is – Our Clients Win, We Win and the Planet Wins by the service and ethics we provide.

Our Facilitators:

Sharada Rumi

Sharada Rumi

Sharada Rumi

I am of Thai origin from a tiny remote village in northern Malaysia, now residing in Melbourne, Australia.

My spiritual journey into meditation begun at the age of 13. Surrounded and trained by ancient wisdom that was beyond modern comprehension, daily miraculous phenomena were accepted as a norm. My great grandfather who chopped down huge trees and dragged them home without mechanical help and who looked 30 at the age of 70 when he died.

My passion is the lifelong quest for tools to reclaim an ancient power that maintains youthful bodies, opens the heart, stills the mind, heals on the deepest level and integrates the physical and spiritual self.

My certifications and expertise includes: –

1) Registered Nurse: Works part time as a professional Nurse serving the Community at nearby hospitals.

2) ThetaHealing® Master Trainer / Practitioner: With over 13 years of practitioner experience and now certified Master in this discipline. I run ThetaHealing® workshops regularly.

3) Russian New Knowledge (RNK) Practitioner: This discipline deals with cell regeneration. RNK opens another aspect of healing and understanding that this body is made of energy that is eternal.

4) Certification 4 Training & Assessment: This certification enhances my capabilities to present workshops to organizations.

5) Virtues Language Facilitator: I am also a Virtues Language facilitator. This is a skill set that focuses on building relationships and enhancing self-confidence.

6) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Facilitator: World recognised intervention for modern day stress related issues

Anthony Neale

Anthony Neale

Anthony Neale

My passion is to teach, speak, mentor and write on general well being and project management for those who are committed to grow and step up to the next level – to raise their bar of excellence!

My certifications and expertise includes: –

1) Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner: I have master NLP certifications and over 7 years of experience in the corporate and community sectors. My NLP disciplines are Speaking, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Hypnotherapist and Trainer. I graduated through the Chris Howard Companies. I am currently work as the Project Management Institute (PMI) Melbourne Mentoring Manager and recently helped set up the PMI Melbourne ToastMasters Club where I am the acting president.

2) Certified ThetaHealer: I have over 4 years experience with ThetaHealing that adds a greater dimension to my capabilities of helping people heal themselves.

3) Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): I have recently completed the MBSR course and diligently included an introduction to the tools within our Retreat programs to maximise the benefits for you.

4) Certification 4 Training & Assessment: This certification enhances my capabilities to present workshops to organizations.

5) Virtues Language Facilitator: I am also a Virtues Language facilitator. This is a skill set that focuses on building relationships and enhancing self-confidence.

6) ToastMasters Committees: I recent times I helped establish the ToastMaster’s club for both Pentana Solutions and the Project Management Institute Melbourne Chapter and now enjoy enhancing my speaking and leaders’ capabilities.

Cenred Contact us.

Cenred Harmsworth

Cenred Harmsworth

Meditation Instructor And Guide

Cenred(Pronounced”chenred”)is an Australian who is a great example of somebody who can on one hand,deep spritiual awareness yet on the other hand Successfully work in the world and be very much part of the world

Cenred wasinitiated in the early 70s-by which we mean he was awoken spiritually. this came about as a result of his association with a number of spiritual master who were predominantly based in java

Over time and as a result of continued instense spritiual training and countless hours of Meditation,he began to experience increasing awareness of deep realmsand worlds and divine reality, the extraordinary selfless love that exists with in each and every one of us .

He experienced the great thruth at that we all are divine creations that with in us there are wonders and realities that we can not even to begin to imagine -yet through deep meditation we can experience for ourselves

Over the years hesupported a number of spiritual groups,and then from the Direct Meditation Foundation, where he continued to initiate many people, enabling them to find that wonderful sense of joy and love within

There are many paths and many people Portend to have ‘the answers’. however the truth is that we all have the answer.It is mysteriously hidden away in the innermost part of our being…

Vineeta Gogia

Vineeta Gogia

Vineeta Gogia

Yoga Teacher

Vineeta Gogia came from India and is trained in the original authentic yoga.
Her family practised yoga as part of their daily routine, hence she was introduced to yoga at a very young age.and continues her daily practice till this day..
She is a highly qualified professional in Yoga and Ayurveda with over 40yrs of teaching experience.
We are grateful to have her as a valued member of our team.