A group of us attended Tyler Tolman’s Longevity Australian Tour on Saturday 15th September 2018. He emphasized the importance of Fasting and balanced wholefoods nutrition. As our common sense tells us that fresh natural food is still better for us even though our soil is mostly not healthy from over farming and chemical fertilisers. Our bodies are fantastic at adapting to survive and thrive.. 
We with our modern so-called brilliant minds created specific individual supplements and dosing people with 1 dose fits all’ Just like pharmaceutical medicines. We forget for example fresh oranges eaten are far superior then just taking higher doses of Vitamin C when there is a choice. This is because the fresh oranges have co-enzymes that aid Vitamin C absorption whereas Vitamin C supplements may not have these natural co-enzymes.

I remember many years ago, I hardly ever experience the flu symptoms, had a full blown flu episode. As I could barely get out of bed all I could see in the home at that time, was a bag of 3kgs oranges. I ate all of them and after a restful sleep, I was back to normal without any diarrhoea.