Wellbeing Health Retreats

The Benefits of our Retreats

  • Provides long term benefits and more than just a quick get away
  • Allows you to step back from your stressful daily routine to de-stress and enjoy the peace
  • Provide a nurturing beautiful environment proven to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Be in the company of new and likeminded people who are ready to transform their lives for their betterment
  • Tap into the extensive knowledge of professionals, dedicating their life to transform yours


Why Choose Us?

1. For Individuals like you

  • Customised wellbeing exercises, tools and techniques to de-stress and restore your inner balance
  • Take away life skills to enhance your wellbeing from our nurturing programs
  • Supporting your journey back to wholeness and purpose
  • Plenty of 1 on 1 time to support your specific wellbeing need
  • Ample time to practice and refine tools and develop nurturing habits
  • On-going programs to support you through life

2. For Organisations

  • We listen and identify areas in your Organisation to promote overall Wellness thus producing harmonious, productive and innovative workforce
  • We customise Retreats, and Workshops to your needs
  • We come to you
  • We offer Management coaching and mentoring
  •  On-going programs to support your Organisation

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St Andrews Beach Retreat

October 18th – 20th

An adventure to Rediscover your true self / Detox and Renew on all levels.

St Andrews Beach Retreat

November 16th – 22nd

Spring Detox, Heal and Rebalance all-inclusive 7 days /6 nights retreat

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Are you living a happy, healthy, balanced life?

If you answered YES, our unique Wellbeing Health Retreats will enhance your life even more. If  NO, our unique Wellbeing Health Retreats will relax and restore your inner balance and support your journey back to wholeness. Our programs are designed to improve and nurture all 4 aspects of your health. On arrival, our carefully chosen beautiful serene venue immediately welcomes you to relax and let go of stress. Learn simple fun skills to improve your:  

Physical Health [body balancing]

  • Yoga and gentle stretches to dissipate your stress tension; such as fatigue, stiff neck, sore shoulders, tight jaws, headaches
  • Reconnect with your body wisdom
  • Purify your energy centers [chakras] and energise the body
  • Enhance cellular oxygenation with mindfulness walks in beautiful nature and fresh air
  • Includes entry to the Peninsula Hot springs for deeper relaxation & Boost  your health with extra minerals from the warm soothing hot pools
  • Savour your Yummy nutritious vegetarian meals

Mental Health [mind calming]

  • Practice breathing techniques for clarity of mind
  • Find your stress triggers and learn to apply the S.T.O.P process
  • Cultivate mindfulness as a natural way to notice and manage stress
  • Learn new strategies to break the cumulative effects of daily stress
  • Use MBSR meditation techniques to calm the mind
  • Apply the 6 pillars of the mind to empower positive change
  • Explore the latest scientific discovery on the power of your mind

Emotional Health/wellbeing

  • Apply simple EFT and HeartMath practices to better manage  emotions & experience confidence and peace

Spiritual Health /thriving

  • Understanding the question “Who am I?” and develop your wisdom
  • Rediscover and deepen your connection with your true self
  • Uncover your inner strength, intuition, creativity, and insights



We have two Retreat beautiful locations for you to choose.

The Country Place is located in the breathtaking Dandenong Ranges in Kalorama. Enjoy the panoramic mountain views and beautiful accommodation. Be rejuvenated by the fresh mountain air and our gentle mindful bush walk. Our venue is only 40 minutes by car from the bustling Melbourne CBD. We welcome you to join us at the beautiful location to restore your serenity and inner balance.

St Andrews Beach retreat on the ocean side of Rye. It is only 10 minutes away from the famous Peninsula Hot Springs. Enjoying the health benefits at the natural hot springs is part of our package.  Be energised during the serene walks along the beach with the beautiful ocean air only 5 minutes away from the venue. Our venue is only 60 minutes by car from the bustling Melbourne CBD. We welcome you to join us at the beautiful serene St Andrews beach that offers the healing and nurturing ocean ionised air restoring peace and inner balance.


The next retreat “Spring & Renewal” is St Andrews Beach – September 14th – 20th (week long)


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Health Retreat Venue Booking
15-Feb-19  17-Feb-19  15-Jan-19  Harmony
3 Days/2 Nights
St Andrews Beach   CLOSED 
8-Mar-19 10-Mar-19 8-Feb-19 Thrive
3 Days / 2 Nights
The Country Place
12-Apr-19 14-Apr-19 12-Mar-19 Harmony
3 Days/2 Nights
St Andrews Beach   CLOSED 
24-May-19 26-May-19 24-Apr-19 Harmony
3 Days/2 Nights
St Andrews Beach   CLOSED 
14-Sep-19 20-Sep-19 14-Aug-19 Spring Renewal
7 Days/6 Nights
St Andrews Beach CLOSED 
18-Oct-19 20-Oct-19 24-Sep-19 Heal & Rebalance
3 Days/2 Nights
St Andrews Beach OPEN Book 
16-Nov-19 22-Nov-19 16-Oct-19 Spring Renewal
7 Days/6 Nights
St Andrews Beach OPEN Book